Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stocks Stocks Everywhere

After much contemplation and thought, I have finally made up my mind to take a peek into the world of bulls and bears(read as Stock trading). This new found interest has kept me busy these days which otherwise was pretty much not so exciting and uneventful.

Unfortunately, i have seen more of bearish market due to some US subprime woes. No..please don't ask me what it stands for :-) But i am optimistic that some or other day, there will be bull run and i would be a millionaire of sorts...i guess that's the exact reason why people invest in stocks....though very few admit it.

I have tried to list few of the learnings that i had within a short stint of 2 months in stock market.
They are:
1. Never procrastinate things..opportunity doesn't knock your door twice. Act fast.
2. Team up with right people who have had fair experience in this market for advice. I am fortunate enough to find these people as one my friends..
3. At the end of the day, this is bit like forget about guaranteed returns and pray for your luck though you can upto a certain extent minimize the risks..
4. Patience is a virtue and helps if you believe in particular stocks/mf and can hold onto it even during the temporary bearish run in the market.

For all who are planning to invest in stocks n mutual funds, there is no better place to start than few interesting websites like :

I personally found to be a cool website for all your online demat transactions with its stock analysis, impeccable service etc and realtime trading. Everything is so easy these days with complete online transactions(though online security frauds causes few goosebumps now and then).

From investment gyan perspective, there are few websites like

Happy investing...signing off for now...


ancientmariner said...

need my guru dakshina..[;)]

Sunish said...

sure..based on how the stocks perform suggested by you...else you have to compensate for it :-)